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 Fri, 8 Dec 2023

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Aviation Data Services is an Independent company that provides a secure database of check-ride results and flight details that are available to registered customers as part of their internal audit processes. It is independent of the CAA, but will help address the CAA requirement for companies and the industry as a whole to monitor and improve overall flight safety standards.

The web-based interactive software we have developed allows you to benefit from the advantages of a large server/client network (security, reliability, capacity, backup procedures), at a very reasonable price.

Participating companies fill out their own check forms or personalised flight records on line. This can be done from the office or out in the field, anywhere with internet access. The details in the forms are kept in the secure database and can be reviewed at any time by approved password access. You may want a copy of your checks automatically sent to CAA.

Individual pilots will have access to their personal file. Companies who undertake the check ride will have access to all forms that they have filed on the database. The scores entered from the flight check standards section of check ride forms will be separated and collated so that trends and comparisons can be made.

Participating companies will have the ability to provide reports using the information stored. As part of a company's audit, the flight standards manager will be able to immediately monitor trends within their own system, and eventually will be able to compare their own standards with the industry database. Your accounts staff will be able to create a report on charter flight destinations/ or passengers carried.

The type of database query can be very specific, for example, how does an individuals instrument flying skills on approaches compare to other pilots in a company? When was the last time we did a check ride on an individual pilot? How does one instructor's grades compare with the rest (is the marking standard consistent?) A query could be more general. How does my company's pass rate compare with the industry standard? How many renewals did we do last year? As an industry, as the database grows, we could be asking are the results improving with time? Or are they getting worse?

You can create almost any type of report. By becoming a part of this network of information, your company will indicate to everyone that you are serious about improving the standards of your pilots, your flight ops department, and the safety of the industry as a whole.

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